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At Miami Top Cleaning, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards with customized cleaning programs designed to meet your needs day or night.


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The wonderful woman came and left the place looking great. Extra attention to doors & frames, walls, kitchen and bathrooms. Easily recommend this company. Hopefully they will keep high standards in the future.

Lou Zen

Had a great experience with Miami Top Cleaning Service. They were the best that I have used before and did a great job. We used for a thorough clean and now we use them on a regular maintenance plan. Staff was very friendly and their attention to detail is incredible. Found that I did not have check their work they made sure that everything was clean. The owner came out personally and made sure we were completely satisfied before he would accept payment. I recommend ed him to my mother and she loves them. Very happy to do business with such a great company who cares about their clients.

Geno R

Very pleasant to have found such a great cleaning service. It was a very positive experience and used them a few months ago. The Miami Top Cleaning Service staff is proven to be trustworthy and hard working. The principles are simple and easy to use. It did amazing and thoroughly great work. The outcome was brilliant and it was a great service.I would recommend this to everyone.

Stephanie V.

Miami Top Cleaning did an amazing clean up job at my residents in homestead. They came in with a full hands on crew and got my place looking like a model home spotless. They even went as far as cleaning inside my kitchen cabinets and also the inside of my garage left it dustless. All bathrooms came out super clean and shiny. I highly recommend them as they are who they say they are. Top cleaning job done right by the right professionals. If you need someone for deep cleaning these are the pros no gimmicks just results. Thanks Ulisis and Miami top cleaning staff for all the cleaning you did at my home.

Robert Guerrero

From beginning to end my experience was very professional. The person in charge of scheduling was very helpful and understanding of my busy schedule as well as very nice. I have used many cleaning services before and it is usually not a pleasurable experience. They did everything to acomódate my time and budget. The cleaning crew that they sent were very well dressed and professional and I watched them here and there while they did a great job from top to bottom paying attention to detail and using all the right cleaners that would not damage our art and furniture. Lastly they finished their job before scheduled and left everything cleaner than it has ever been before. I will be using them again as well as in my company.

Alexis “Alexthedogtrainer” Alvarez

Miami Top Cleaning is my go to company when I need a professional to clean one of my job sites. As a general contractor, Miami Top Cleaning checks all the boxes. They are reliable, professional, on time, attention to detail and reasonably priced. I have also called on Miami Top Cleaning for my home. If you need your home cleaned... call now. You will not be disappointed.

Andrew Engdahl

Great service, very flexible and friendly staff. I've reached out Miami Top Cleaning multiple times for last-minute jobs and they've always been able to accommodate. They provide quality service at an unbeatable price. I don't think I've been able to find another provider with better rates.

Melissa Spain

I highly recommend this company. I had already booked their service for twice. They are very friendly and responsible. My apartment is so clean and nice after all the works. They are also very flexible about time. I book it on Tuesday, and they sent people to my home on Wednesday. I defiantly will book them again.

Sally Chang

Ulysses and his crew are the best. Everyone is very professional and does a great job cleaning. Rest assured that your home and office will be spotless when they finish. All the clients I’ve referred to them rave about how great they are. Don’t trust anyone else for your cleaning needs big or small.

Ayal Factor

Outstanding work. Team came in. They were all business. They did what they promised and did it in an exceptional fashion. I highly recommend MIAMI Top Cleaning Service. Their owner, I believe his name is Ulysis and his wife Elizabeth were on top of it every step of the way. Awesome work.

Carlos Sabater

This company is top-notch they come in they are professional and they are amazing they definitely changed my life I recommend them completely the only complaint that I have is that I can only give them five stars I would give them 35 if I was allowed to I highly recommend them they are amazing the hardest working company in town and the best value . They are friendly and as I said professional definitely one of the top companies around well worth every single penny and they’re a very good value for what they do as a teacher I will definitely be recommending them to every teacher in my school .

Jackie Dale

Finally!!!! A reliable cleaning company in Miami! My experience with Miami Top Cleaning was exceptional! From scheduling my appointment to service arriving in a timely manner. My house was spotless when I arrived! I highly recommend!!

Lourdes Salvador

We have worked with Miami Top Cleaning on several projects. Professional, punctual, and always deliver excellent results every time! Look forward to many more projects in the future!

Brad Potter

I’ve been using the fellas over at Miami Top Cleaning for the last few years over at Miami Watersports Complex and our showroom looks better and better each time. Ulysses runs a great professional service and I would recommend them to any professional business Nationwide ❤️

Nacho Hernandez

I would recommend these guys to anyone and I will certainly be using them again. I have had experiences with a few other cleaning companies in the past but this is my top choice. They were prompt, efficient, and attentive.

Elizabeth Rice

I have been using them for over a year now. They do my home and office on a monthly basis and could not be happier. Honest, hardworking and professional.. truly goes above and beyond. Look no further this is the one!

Javi C

We hired Miami top cleaning for our office cleaning. They did an impeccable job and they were super professional. I highly recommend them!

Accounting To Scale

Miami Top Cleaning is the real deal. They are very detailed oriented with their work, the staff is very nice and the owner is always going the extra mile for his client.

Junior Acosta

They did an AMAZING job!!! They got my place on time and clean everything very efficient! Much more than what I expected!!!! Highly recommended!!! Will work with them in the future again.

Yaping Wang

This company is definitely one of the best in town I have hired other companies in the past and they do not even come close in quality of the job that you get from this company they are professional you don’t have to check behind them they are honest I definitely will be hiring them again and hope to be having a long-standing business relationship with them 100% satisfied customer there is definitely a reason why they’re called the top cleaning company there’s no one better

Rufus Zaichik

It is extremely easy to work with Miami Top Cleaning! Everyone is really professional and friendly, specially Ulysses, Elizabeth and Louie.

Rodrigo Diaz

I called Miami Top Cleaning and they did a fantastic job. Ariel and Hani came to my house and left it immaculate. I now have them clean my place every other week.

Carlos Fernandez

Excellent! Very professional and amazing job. Highly recommend Top Cleaning to anyone. Courteous and efficient. So happy with results.

Frank Cruz

We used miami top cleaning for a move in cleaning and they did a great job. Ariel and Honie are sweet and punctual. I will use them again.

Daniel Alvarez

Honest staff, thorough labor, and truly a great company to work with! You won't regret hiring them.

Claribel Hernandez

They responded to my urgent need within 2 hours and did a good job for a reasonable price. Highly recommend

Matt Jameson

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Offering high quality cleaning services at affordable prices

According to research, the average desk at a workplace has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Even more terrifying is the fact that the average workplace has somewhere in the tens of thousands of bacteria all over it.

  • The average phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch
  • The average keyboard has 3,295 bacteria per square inch
  • The average computer mouse has 1,676 bacteria per square inch
  • The average desk surface has 20,961 bacteria per square inch 

With all of those pathogens on surfaces, it makes sense for a business to hire professional cleaning and disinfecting services in Miami, FL.

Hiring cleaning services is one of the wisest moves that a business owner can make. The general public expects that it looks professional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing when they walk into a business. Especially in restaurants, salons, retail stores, and other types of businesses, the importance of cleaning cannot be overstated.

At Miami Top Cleaning, we offer window cleaning, pressure cleaning, high-level dust removal and disinfecting services at affordable prices.

What is the difference between janitorial services and a commercial cleaning service?

Janitorial services in Miami, Fl and Miami commercial cleaning services are often used interchangeably, but both are needed if you own and operate a business.

If you own a business in Miami, Florida, Pompano Beach, or Boca Raton, contact Miami Top Cleaning for customized janitorial services in Miami, Fl.

Floor Cleaning Services

There are a number of safety and aesthetic reasons why you should consider professional office cleaning services for your business and its facilities.

Aesthetic Purposes

As soon as clients, customers, or employees walk into your building and its offices, they will notice if you have a dirty floor. Your floors receive more opportunities for dirt and dust to accumulate than any other area of your facility.

Dirty floors or stained carpets can leave a bad impression on customers; keeping a clean and tidy commercial space is not only good for customers and their opinions but also for employee morale.

Safety Concerns

Regardless of what industry your facility is operating in, opening the windows doesn’t replace the importance of cleaning services in Miami. Regularly cleaning your business will keep your company and each employee working for you safer.

From reducing slips and falls that may occur due to an unmaintained facility to disinfecting areas to removing mold or mildew, professional cleaning services from Miami Top Cleaning is key to keeping employees safe.

Further, regular floor cleaning is also a wise idea to keep your floor looking as great as possible for as long as possible. Regular floor maintenance is an investment that can last longer with professional cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Services

With regular carpet and floor cleaning, you can improve the air quality in your workplace. Carpets can trap tiny pollutants within their small fibers. Not only can these pollutants and allergens enter through outside air, but they can also be tracked in by employee shoes.

Miami, Fl and surrounding areas have a significant rainy season. Because the Miami weather can leave your workers and clients with mud on their shoes, it is quite common for Miami businesses to struggle with keeping their carpets and floors clean.

Window Cleaning Services

Just because you can still see through a window doesn’t mean that there isn’t dirt, smoke, or other germs or particles that have collected on it. In fact, having your windows professionally cleaned carries away some of that grime and dust that didn’t make its way into the carpet or furniture, and instead, it landed on your windows or on your windowsill.

Cleaning away this dust, dirt, grime and other particulates that have accumulated on the window or windowsill is another great way to rid your workplace of germs and other particles that not only contribute to poor air quality, but also to set a bad look for your business. Window cleaning, in conjunction with other cleaning interventions, works to improve the overall look of your business.

Pressure Cleaning Services

The exterior of your business is the first impression that your clients have when they see it. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt and other materials from outside surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, and exterior of your building. Pressure washing can remove:

  • Mold
  • Grime
  • Chewing gum
  • Calcium and lime deposits
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Stains on decks, concrete or exterior walls
  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Graffiti

Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services Save You Time

Carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, and general office cleaning is exceedingly time consuming.

That is why it requires an experienced commercial cleaning company team offering recurring commercial cleaning, customizable janitorial services, pressure washing, and more for your business and other facilities in Miami, Florida.

Cleaning table

Research on Office Cleaning

According to a 2002 study conducted at the University of Arizona, bacteria levels peak after lunch when workers come back to their desks and communal work spaces after having contact with their mouth from eating. In fact, researchers discovered after testing 12 different surfaces that toilet seats had some of the lowest levels of bacteria.

Eleven years later, new research came out regarding how fast germs travel in an office when only one person shows up sick. In this study, also done at the University of Arizona, researchers studied high-touch surfaces such as:

  • Door knobs and door handles
  • Copy machine buttons
  • The refrigerator door handle
  • Coffee pot handle
  • Desktop computers and keyboards
  • Table tops

They conducted their study in an on-campus office and squirted employees' hands with artificial viruses that closely mimicked dangerously known pathogens such as the cold and flu viruses. Researchers then told the employees to go about their workday as usual. Researchers observed that there was not a lot of movement within the office and that employees mostly sat in their chairs at their computers. Occasionally they went to the bathroom, or the kitchen area, or another common area such as where the copy machines or fax machines were located, but other than that, they stayed within their offices are cubicles. Their hands and common surfaces were tested just before lunch.

What researchers discovered was that within four hours, more than 50% of commonly-touched surfaces and employees' hands, which were also tested, were infected with at least one virus. When they tested their hands again at the end of the day, that number had jumped up to 70% of surfaces.

After making this discovery, they conducted the study again, but this time, they handed out disinfecting wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, and told employees to wash their hands before eating and after meetings with a large group of people. Armed with cleaning supplies, the employees wiped down their desks and cut down significantly on the amount of germs in the office.

Of course, they also studied the effects of handwashing and other simple cleaning interventions to prevent the spread of illness throughout an office during a business day.

How Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Miami Help

Miami Top Cleaning in Miami, Florida is renowned by our clients for our disinfecting services, quality deep cleaning treatment, commercial cleaning, and janitorial services, including the following:

  • Dust buildup
  • Burned out light bulbs and dirty lighting fixtures
  • Foul smelling trash receptacles
  • Regular trash service
  • Stained or dirty base molding

We would be happy to let you know about some of our most notable clients and provide referrals and customer testimonials. We believe that you need to trust your commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Miami since it is often a long-term relationship that is built and maintained over the years of providing quality service.

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