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Have you ever looked out your window and appreciated how transparent they were? It’s challenging to get a clean and streak-free window, so how is it done? As with any skill, washing commercial windows takes time and practice to master. You also need some professional-grade tools at your disposal. 

Luckily for anyone who isn’t a skilled window washer, there are plenty of tips and tricks for cleaning commercial windows. With this in mind, a business owner will be tasked with deciding whether to hire a professional window cleaning company to do the job or figure it out on their own. 

We will cover common questions regarding hiring a commercial window cleaning company to come out and take care of your dirty window. We will also give some vital tips and tricks for washing the windows to ensure they look amazing.

Remember that this would only apply to buildings with fairly regular windows. High-rise buildings would be out of the question without special machinery. 

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Commercial Windows?

The price to get your windows done will vary based on who you hire. Generally, when cleaning the windows of a typical one or two-story building, you can look to pay between two and four dollars for each window pane that your business needs done. This pricing is solely regarding the outside of the building. If you want to have the inside of your windows washed, then you will be looking at another two to four dollars per glass pane.

How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Windows?

The main windows of your building that garner regular traction should be cleaned weekly at the very least. A clean appearance will help give your business a professional look.

The rest of your windows are not as vital to clean as often. This will become more of a preference. The weather will play a role in this decision as certain climates require more upkeep to maintain cleanliness. Commercial windows should get a thorough washing from a professional every year at a minimum.  

If you live in an area with cold weather, you may find it best to clean your windows in the warmer months. When living in a place that sees warmer weather, you can be more flexible with your maintenance routine. 

Can Your Windows Be Washed  During the Winter?

It is best not to wash windows in cold temperatures. When you mix warm water with cold air, you risk having your windows crack. You can use cold water. However, that will leave behind streaking. It also can be a safety hazard to climb on ladders to clean your windows in the cold.

Can Windows Be Pressure Washed?

While pressure washing has its benefits for getting a business clean, it is not recommended for window washing. The high intensity of the water from the pressure wash nozzle can ruin the rubber window gasket, which keeps air from passing through cracks. You should avoid high-pressure methods for cleaning your windows.

How Can Hard Water Stains Be Removed FromWindows?

When water spots try to get the better of you, there is an answer. Using an acidic cleaner helps take away pesky spots from your window. This will help get your windows clean and keep them clean longer.

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What Works Best For Getting Your Windows Clean?

There is somewhat of a secret formula for a window-washing solution. You may be shocked to find that many companies that do window washing use similar ingredients that household window washers use. The simplicity of this solution makes it so great. Here is what to use:

Here are a few other tips for how to get your windows clean the best:

  • Distilled water helps treat the water spots that build up on your window over time. This spotting is the result of the calcium found within regular water.
  • While at it, you can dry your windows faster with a little trick. This can be accomplished by adding some isopropyl alcohol to your solution. Ethanol can be substituted for isopropyl alcohol.
  • The squeegee that you use matters as much as the solution. A professional-level squeegee will provide better results. Better quality squeegees get streaks out of windows easier. 
  • After each pass with your squeegee, take a soft sponge and wipe off the edge. This will extend the life of your squeegee considerably. When your blade has lost the typical clean it gives, then it is time to get a replacement. The concept is similar to the windshield wiper blades of your car. 

What Are the Steps For Cleaning Commercial Windows?

  1. You must dust around the entire area, removing any dirt or buildup.
  2. Take a spray bottle or another spray method and get the entire surface of the window wet with the solution.
  3. Using long strokes that overlap each other, gently wipe away the solution from the window. Be sure to get the corners, and do not forget to wipe the excess from your blade after every pass.
  4. Using a Chamois cloth, remove trapped water in the corners or around the window gaskets. This is a critical part of getting a streak-free finish to your windows.  

Benefits of Keeping the Windows of Your Business Clean

Keeping your windows clean comes with some benefits you might not have realized. They include:

  • Improve overall appearance 
  • Allow for more sunlight to pass through to help warm the building
  • Help boost the morale of your employees by exposure to natural light

With some repetition, you can become good at window washing. With that said, it would probably be wiser all around to hire a professional to take care of your window needs. If you would like more information on window washing, contact Miami Top Cleaning. We would be glad to help you get and keep your windows clean.