Post-Construction Cleaning

There is always a sigh of relief after a successfully completed construction project, but this is when you realize an extensive cleanup is required. After a major construction project has been performed, there is an aftermath of dust, and hazardous construction residue left behind. The construction cleanup production includes three stages; these are the rough, the final, and the touchup cleanup. 

The team at Miami Top Cleaners is ready to help you finalize your construction project and leave it as clean as possible before the client signs off on the work. Contact us now to discuss the specifics of your project, get a better sense of how we can work together, and get a quote once we have a clear understanding of your scope of work. 

An Overview of Post-Construction Cleaning

What is post-construction cleaning?

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Post-construction cleaning services are commonly used to clean up trash, dust, and other debris either left behind or not taken care of by the construction teams. Often it’s not their duty to clean up in the case of dust and dirt. However, if there are broken pieces of construction material or damaged property, the construction company may be responsible for repair. In most cases, the garbage leftover is very common for post-construction work, which is where a cleaning crew comes in handy. Construction cleanup comes in three phases, each of which accomplishes various tasks for the purpose of properly preparing a building for its occupants. 

Cleaning Phases

Rough Cleanup

The first stage is the rough cleanup, where the most massive debris and obstacles are removed from the premises. These are often chunks of drywall, plywood, large plastic covers or wraps, and dangerous materials. Nails and screws that can lodge into feet are also removed, with the help of large brooms which are utilized to sweep the entire area of large garbage. Forgotten tools and other equipment that were left behind are also removed, as they can be obstacles or safety hazards. This stage is the least detail-oriented, as a majority of the focus is on removing big pieces of trash and not so much smaller issues, such as smudges or dirt stains. Industrial vacuums, brooms, and garbage bags remain the most reliable tools for this stage. Heavy-duty gloves, rubber-soled shoes, and protective eye gear are required for this cleanup because of the larger items that may have to be moved from the scene. 

Final Cleanup

The final construction cleaning is more labor-intensive, as it requires a greater level of detail. It is the most costly of all the cleaning phases and demands a higher amount of cleaning products and tools. Scrub brushes, brooms, mops, rags, sponges, vacuums, and professional tools are necessary for this phase. This is because the final cleanup will require removing stains and dirt, vacuuming up shards of glass and wooden splinters from carpets, as well as wiping down dirty surfaces. Getting all of the dirt and debris trapped in carpet fiber is one of the particular issues in this stage, as this helps prevent future injury should someone step on tiny sharp objects. The most significant amount of dust is found here, as after every construction project there is a layer of dust on nearly everything. Not only can dust be found on the surfaces of appliances, countertops, walls, and flooring but also in the air. During the final cleaning, walls are wiped and scrubbed, countertops and surfaces are dusted, and floors are heavily mopped. Special attention to areas such as the bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs are also reviewed. Scrubbing over the crooks and crannies of bathroom fixtures and checking inside cupboards for loose nails are part of this cleanup. 

Touchup Cleaning

During the touchup phase, all of the cleanup endeavors circle back around to a final sweep. This phase occurs a few days after the previous cleanup. This is because the dust in the air after a construction cleanup hasn’t completely settled, or was stirred up during the previous cleaning sessions. All of the remaining dust is removed during this phase, especially during the wipe down and polishing of shiny surfaces. Windows are wiped down again, and mirrors are cleaned. The buffing, waxing, and polishing of floors and reflective surfaces are most common during this stage as the building is prepared for usage. Light fixtures also receive special attention here. Cleanup crew individuals will have dust masks and dusters, as well as wash rags, mops, and other tools. This is a lighter cleanup and requires less heavy labor. However, it needs a deeper level of detail as those doing the last sweep has to evaluate and scrutinize all of the tiniest details. Fixing minor flaws and small aesthetic mistakes will be included in this cleanup as well. After all construction cleaning services are completed can you finally take that sigh of relief. 

Additional Questions and Concerns

The construction cleanup service is focused on the safety of those who will be occupying the building. No breathing problems should occur after dust-cleanup, and all cleaning products will be safe and non-toxic. The cleanup crew should provide professional and reliable services. Their job is to go over the unfinished details, such as dust removal, paint splatters, and removing stickers off appliances. They are trained for this type of cleaning and know what to look for. Issues such as damaged or loose fixtures, often overlooked by construction companies, will be caught by cleanup professionals. No area is left out, whether interior or exterior. Outdoor sidewalks, pavement, and other concrete areas such as patios are also swept clean and prepared for safe usage. The crew is equipped with the proper tools and education to manage the post-construction cleanup. It is recommended to work with a professional rather than enter into a building unequipped, exposing yourself to dust particles and debris. Performing the cleanup alone will take great time, effort, and a massive amount of supplies.

Advice From a Cleanup Professional in Miami

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Construction cleaning may be complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper planning and preparation, post-construction cleaning can be made simple. Consult with an enthusiastic team that has your safety and wellbeing in mind. Miami Top Cleaning professionals are committed to providing helpful advice and delivering services you will never forget.

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