Construction Final Cleaning

After the long and arduous process of constructing a building, the entire area must be cleaned once the project is completely finished. The final cleaning is executed in order to remove all remaining dust and construction residue. This phase of construction cleaning requires the most attention to detail. Using the right products and supplies are critical in this phase. The cleaning is typically done with a team because of its difficulty. 

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Cleaning up

Important Aspects of Construction Final Cleaning 

What is Construction Final Cleaning? 

Construction final cleaning services require both interior and exterior detailing. The cleaning crew has to dust, clean, and sweep all surfaces and floors including appliances, wall fixtures, and windows. For the exterior area trash and debris will be removed from the grounds. It is necessary for safety concerns, but also for the aesthetics of the outdoor area. Sweeping walkways, sidewalks, and concrete can also be expected when clearing out the exterior. Window washing will also be included, as well as the frames and tracks.

Price Range to Expect

Because the post-construction final cleaning is far more labor-intensive than the other phases, it may be more costly. This stage also requires more cleaning supplies, which also contribute significantly to the cost. The size of the building also has to be accounted for. Surprisingly, residential cleanups are more expensive than business or commercial ones. This is probably due to the fact that a cleaning crew has to accommodate a smaller location that requires additional travel, while a larger building provides plenty of consistent work over a period of days. Prices for the final cleaning average around $0.50 square foot, which may be more or less depending on residential and business locations. 

What to Look For

During final cleaning, it is important to pay attention to nails, staples, screws, bolts, glass, and other dangerous debris that can be an obstacle or safety hazard. Cloths, tarps, and tape may be laying around and leftover after the construction team leaves. Review any issues with drywall, lumber, and large garbage as well, as these can be laying around and creating an unsightly mess.

Fixing Up Flooring

The floor will be the messiest area after construction has been completed. Floors might be cracked or damaged, where tiles or floorboards have to be replaced after a heavy accident. In this case, speak with the contractor in order to receive compensation or a free repair from them.  Other than that, buffing, waxing, and polishing the building’s flooring can make any worn out and dusty surface look brand new again. 

Taking Care of Walls and Baseboards

The next most unkempt area will be the walls, which may have had some abrasive damage done during the construction project. Walls and baseboards might have dings, scratches, and dents after construction workers used their tools. Sometimes mistakes happen and equipment is dropped or banged against the wall. Minor scratches can be resolved with soap and water, or magic eraser pencils for reversing marks. Walls are far easier to repair compared to flooring because if the latter were cracked an entire panel or tile may have to be replaced. All damage is reported to the supervisor or owner on site immediately. 

Sprucing Up Carpet

Dealing with carpet is a common practice with construction clean up, due to the fact that it tends to collect a lot of dust and might be hiding construction debri. The fibers in carpets are known to hold wooden splinters after construction, so it is necessary to obtain an industrial-level shop vacuum to drag out all of the debris. Shampooing and steaming the carpet may be necessary because dirt may have taken hold of the fibers. Additionally, it will help with any smells or stains the carpet may have. 

Consult With Cleaning Professionals

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