Post-Construction Rough Cleaning

After construction has been completed, waste and debris may be found throughout the entire vicinity. Rough cleaning helps to get rid of the biggest obstacles after the construction project has been accomplished. However, this may be a very hazardous task for the average person to accomplish. A post-construction team can provide specialized services to remove and clear out the larger debris and help rid of dangerous hazards. This initial stage of cleaning most likely will require professional help, as the garbage left behind by builders demands the proper gear, plenty of effort, and time. 

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What is Post-Construction Rough Cleaning

The Purpose of Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning helps owners be relieved of the duties of dealing with chemicals, garbage, and other debris left after the construction site. Typically, construction workers remove most of their garbage, however they often leave behind nails, large chunks of drywall, and plywood. In worst cases, sharp objects and broken pieces of property are found. Because of this, it is better to hire a team with the proper equipment and experienced that can protect the owner and all others from any health hazards from dealing with the wreckage themselves.

Post-Construction Rough Cleaning

What Occurs in Post-Construction Cleaning

Once the rough cleaning begins, the entire interior of the building is swept through, where anything disposable is removed. This can include tools, leftover construction material, and larger debris that are carelessly left behind. These tasks require deep cleaning of each room, which can take up a lot of time. Checking the inside of closets and cabinets as well, where there may be loose nails or forgotten tools, will also be on the to-do list. Most of the work is placed on sweeping up trash rather than doing detailed cleaning. Wiping down surfaces is uncommon for this phase, as the removal of large debris is the primary focus. Typically, rough cleaning aims to clear out obstructions within the building interior. However, if there are massive debris that may have broken off and are openly exposed, these will be removed as well. 

Safety Hazards

While cleanliness is the top priority for a rough cleaning job, safety is another aspect that is critical. Cleaners should be very detail-oriented when it comes to removing safety hazards, such as stray or partially exposed nails. Glass shards and broken wood pieces need to also be extracted from the area. The cleaning crew will be properly prepared, and have the equipment and protective gear to handle such issues. They will have an industrial vacuum, large heavy-duty brooms, as well as the right tools to rid of anything that is deemed unsafe. 

Experience and Skills 

A post-construction rough cleaning crew will have plenty of experience in dealing with the removal of debris. They also know what to look for, and may identify things others see as small nuances or problems others may have never noticed at all. They are trained to use the proper equipment and know the best approaches for clearing out heavier debris. 

Tools for The Job

The correct gear for rough construction includes industrial garb as well as construction tools. The cleaner will have a dust mask on, eye goggles, rubber-soled shoes, as well as gloves. They may also be carrying a ladder, soft and stiff-bristled brushes, putty knives, trash bags, mops, sponges, and rags. 

The Final Result of Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning and final cleaning overlap in some aspects. While only larger construction debris is removed in rough cleaning, the workers may also get rid of excess adhesive and caulking buildup. They may also remove stains and paint splashes found in the wrong areas. In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, the team will wash door frames, walls, and baseboards as well. Stickers on appliances and glass may also be peeled away by them, a final touch. 

Seeking Additional Advice from Pros

For more information on post-construction rough cleaning in Miami, you can contact local professionals who can provide additional assistance. There are three stages of post-construction cleaning, rough cleaning being the first. Speaking with a professional can help you walk through what is necessary for the preparation of each stage. 

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