Post-Construction Touch Up Cleaning

For a fresh look when a construction project has come to completion, that last special cleaning should reflect professionalism and order. Post-construction touch-up cleaning requires attention to detail as well as strong safety measures. Knowing what to expect in touch up cleaning can be complicated, with so many little details to cover. This type of cleaning is typically the last and occurs after the rough and final cleaning

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Steps for Touch-Up Cleaning

What is Post-Construction Touch Up Cleaning? 

To determine whether a new building is ready for use, the construction project managers must first ensure that all debris is completely removed from the premises. After the rough and final cleaning, there will still be dust that remains from the construction work. For that last final polish and a clean appearance, a touch up clean will remove all fingerprints and smudges from glass and shiny surfaces. Additionally, any trace of dust and sharp shards are completely removed. This last step allows people to finally utilize the newly constructed building without breathing in dust or dealing with trace amounts of garbage or debris pieces. 

How Labor for Construction Touch Up is Managed

Outside of cleaning supplies, the price of labor is the highest cost when hiring a touch-up crew.  A cleaner can charge by the square foot, but if it’s a group, they may decide to work at an hourly rate. It is possible to hire in tiers, where each individual cleaner has a separate salary and role for different aspects of the cleanup arrangement. Understanding the production rate of how the cleanup will occur will help create a more accurate estimate. Production rates are based upon an average time of completion, dependent on the project, and go by nationwide cleaning standards that have already been calculated. 

What Happens in Post-Construction Touch Up

Detail is crucial in the post-construction phase of cleaning. All floors are swept and completely mopped, in addition to all carpets being vacuumed. This protects the occupants of the building from stepping on any shards of glass or inhaling dust that might have collected in the carpet. 

Shiny surfaces such as mirrors and glass doors are wiped down and made sparkling clean. This not only adds to the professionalism of the construction, but it is aesthetically pleasing. Some particular areas that are also cleaned thoroughly are toilets, sinks, bathroom tubs, showers, as well as tile walls, where there are a lot of areas that can collect dust. Making sure that all the grooves and areas of these tight spots are scrubbed out will help to enhance the cleanliness of these areas. 

Doors, door frames, wooden pieces, and cabinets are wiped down, and it is made certain that they open without issue. Additionally, appliances and surrounding countertops are cleaned and polished. Appliances must be cleansed as their functionality might be impaired by dust or debris that can get lodged in them, so removing these hazards preemptively is important. 

Tools Required for Touch Up Cleaning

Although this cleaning phase is much lighter than a rough or a final cleaning, it still requires a high level of effort and attentiveness. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and trash and debris disposal are the main aspects of this form of cleaning. This way, occupants can return to a building that is free of dirt and garbage. This requires items such as brooms, vacuums, scrub brushes, and mops. Other equipment can involve tools such as hardwood, tile and grout, and surface cleaner. In the case of caulk buildup, a razor blade may be necessary to scrape it away. Dusting equipment and polishing rags are also important for reflective surfaces. Exterior washing equipment and other supplies may also be needed. 

Professional Touch Up Crews in Miami 

For those who want dependable services with a proven track record of quality work, reach out to a post-construction touch up cleaning Miami crew local to you. You can ask more questions for in-demand expertise and consult with a dedicated team.