Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

It’s not easy finding the perfect commercial floor cleaning service in Miami but Miami Top Cleaning could help you narrow your options. Miami Top Cleaning will create a cleaning plan that ensures your floors are maintained adequately.   

Miami Top Cleaning provides money-saving professional floor cleaning services for office buildings, hospitality, and retail centers. As adept commercial floor cleaning specialists, we offer quality cleaning at competitive prices. Customers may not acknowledge the uncleanliness of your workspace to you but they notice

Floor Care Services

Commercial floors come in many textures, arrangements, colors, and forms. Every type of flooring requires special techniques when it comes to cleaning, waxing, and polishing. The floor cleaning treatments and equipment will vary according to the floor as well. 

If you make a terrible choice with cleaning products, then you could ruin your business’s floor and lose money paying to replace it. Floor maintenance services could eliminate these problems because Miami Top Cleaning understands what it takes to clean all types of floors.

Expertise sets Miami Top Cleaning commercial floor cleaning services apart from others because they understand how office floors are manufactured and need to be cleaned. Office floors are generally styled as planks, sheets, or tiles. Each flooring type has an entirely different cleaning method. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Average commercial cleaning services lose up to 55% of their customer base each year because of non-performance and lackluster services. Miami Top Cleaning won’t leave you hanging because we use our cleaning expertise to meet your business’ needs. We specialize in the following floor care services: 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service could lead to improved morale, better air quality, and effective building maintenance. Performing regular professional carpet cleanings will extend the life of your office’s carpet. 

Vacuuming, deep cleaning, and shampooing are necessary tasks for optimal-looking commercial carpets. Hiring professional cleaners is a great business investment. Professional carpet cleaners will make your carpets look great to any clients, remove indoor pollutants, and keep employees well and fruitful.

Tile and Grout

Miami Top Cleaning restores Ceramic, Porcelain, Mexican Tile, and Grout for excellent results that offer long-lasting coverage. Our multi floor cleaning techniques will remove dirt and stains built up over the years from normal wear and tear.


Marble flooring is an expensive investment for your business. Marble floors add value and a certain air of prestige to your company. Fine flooring requires expert care and that’s why floor cleaning experts recommend that you never trust your marble floors to inexperienced cleaners. 

Miami Top Cleaning is licensed, insured, and their business relies on their reputation for quality. We use the best state-of-the-art tools to polish, restore, and protect your marble floor. Professional grade marble floor cleaning is necessary for keeping marble fresh while protecting surfaces from blemishes. 

VCT Services

Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) are magnificent flooring materials that withstand the test of strong alkalines, acids, solvent spills, and spotting when properly cleaned. VCT manufacturers offer special recommendations after installation before doing any maintenance to the flooring. 

When sealing or applying floor finish to a new VCT floor, the factory finish needs to be removed. VCT tile also must be sealed with a sealer or sealer/finish. While the average life expectancy of a VCT floor is about 15 years, this number will dramatically increase if floors are maintained properly. 

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Miami Top Cleaning will work with you to create a customized floor cleaning program totally suited to your commercial space. We will work with you to maximize your floor’s life and save on repairs and replacement.

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