Terrazzo Cleaning and Polishing

Terrazzo is a unique type of flooring that is attractive because of its aesthetics and the various patterns inlaid on its surface. So as expected, it has grown in popularity in recent years and is now found in many commercial properties. But opting for terrazzo flooring also assumes that you will properly take care of it, which is somewhat different from other types of flooring, such as stone surfaces.

Terrazzo floor

Our company specializes in commercial cleaning and sanitizing, so cleaning terrazzo flooring is one of our many quality services. At Miami Top Cleaning, we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our employees and on the fact that we use the latest cleaning equipment and tools that fully meet and even exceed our client’s standards. We are ready and qualified to give your terrazzo floor a new look and completely revitalize it.  

Terrazzo Floors Explained

Many people see terrazzo as an attractive and pleasing-to-the-eye type of flooring. Still, few people know what it is actually made of. Terrazzo is a material that results from mixing marble chips, glass, granite, epoxy resin, and cement in specific proportions so that the end result is both durable and aesthetically beautiful. Epoxy is the element that gives it its shine and polished finish. It is used predominantly in polishing kitchen counters and floors in South Florida, in addition to marble. 

Terrazzo flooring has a long history that goes back over 500 years ago in Rome. Back then, marble was the material of choice. Following construction or marble restoration processes, workers were left with small pieces of the material, which they then mixed with a gluey material they used to pave terraces or other areas. This gave rise to what we know today as terrazzo flooring.

The Uses of Terrazzo

Terrazo flooring can be used in commercial and residential spaces. In South Florida, this type of floor is often used in the hallways of public institutions, such as government buildings or schools. Terrazzo floors have also gained popularity in commercial spaces, where more and more companies are opting for some of the most attractive designs. 

The advantage of a terrazzo floor is that it can be poured in place on the spot, ensuring that every corner and millimeter of the floor is completely covered and sealed. After application, the surface of the new flooring is polished to gain a flawless appearance.  

Why Choose Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo floors are very versatile and can be used in high-traffic commercial spaces without worrying that they will crack over time and deteriorate. If properly maintained, it will retain its strength and maintain longevity. 

In addition, the aesthetic aspect should not be overlooked. A terrazzo floor is attractive to the eye and creates an excellent first impression, which is desirable for any company. Plus, there are numerous variations and models to choose from, depending on the interior design or the preferences or needs of the location. 

Terrazzo Maintainance and Cleaning

Although terrazzo floors are easy to clean, they do require special care from time to time to prevent damage and the build-up of debris and bacteria. That’s where our team of Pressure Cleaning Miami Services could give your hands up. By using specialized services, you will save money and time, and your floors will receive the best maintenance available.

Moreover, a terrazzo floor requires professional polishing, just like marble, to keep or regain its original shine. Our services include high-quality floor polishing, especially terrazzo polishing, without topical coatings, which are known for quickly yellowing. Instead of topical coating, we offer diamond-polished terrazzo floors, which is a superior and longer-lasting method of terrazzo polishing

Miami Top Cleaning Terrazzo Restoration and Repair Services

Like any other rigid surface, terrazzo flooring is subject to the risk of damage and chipping. For example, carpet tack strips quite often cause cracks in the terrazzo surface, but these can be fixed. If you notice those problems, you should call our restoration services professionals to deal with your terrazzo restoration. The first step is to find a color-matching resin. After the chipped space is filled, the next step is floor polishing, and the job is done.

At Miami Top Cleaning, our restoration services and terrazzo polishing will help your flooring regain its original beauty and give your commercial space a new look. Apart from using the highest standards in the industry, we also provide customized cleaning programs. We serve areas such as Doral, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, South Miami, and Kendall.