Groundskeeping Service


Our groundskeeping service offers light building and parking lot maintenance for homeowner associations, corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, and small businesses. Miami Top Cleaning utilizes the latest building maintenance equipment, porter service techniques, and commercial cleaning supplies to meet and exceed your high standards of cleanliness and building appearance.

The Importance of Groundskeeping Services

There are many good reasons to have impeccable grounds on your property. You never want areas like walking trails, parks, gated entrances, parking lots, and flower beds to give residents and guests the wrong impression about your property. Having your grounds maintained professionally is an investment in the value of the property itself. Properly maintained outdoor areas might be the motor that drives property prices up by making a good impression on prospective buyers.

At Miami Top Cleaning Services, we not only water the plants around your building or mow the lawn. When all common areas are looking their best, you also protect your business from liability by keeping walkways, sidewalks, and stairways clean and safe for anyone using them. It prevents slip and fall accidents that could have you facing legal issues. We will also take care of obtrusive tree branches, coconuts, and overgrown bushes that may present their own set of hazards.

Our groundskeeping team will be vigilant of any changes in your property and advice you about them. Whether a retaining wall seems to be crumbling, or if a stair rail is missing or broken, you will know about it, thus preventing any potential safety hazards for residents, visitors, and guests.

Additional Groundskeeping Services

At Miami Top Cleaning Service, we love to listen to our clients. That is why we have started offering additional services that may also be of interest to you. We have seen an increase in demand for landscape lighting, and we understand the importance of showing off your lawns even at night. We are pleased to suggest what lighting can enhance your landscaping and offer added safety to people walking around your property after sunset.

Our groundskeeping team can point out areas where they notice that there is water pooling and affecting your flower beds. And if your property is competing with brand new real estate close by, we offer enhancements to your grounds by adding trees, shrubbery, and further landscaping where needed.


What is included in Miami Top Cleaning groundskeeping services?

The way your commercial property looks will give the best first impression to residents and visitors. At Miami Top Cleaning we offer premier groundskeeping services that include:

Outdoor Space Management

  • General maintenance
  • Waste and litter removal and disposal
  • Debris removal

Do you offer seasonal and special services?

We offer groundskeeping services year-round. However, we understand that you may require a special service at certain times of the year and we are ready to send our crew to your property at that time as well. Give us a call if you need the removal of leaves, trimming and removal of tree branches, pruning of palm trees, and removal of potentially hazardous coconuts, among others.

Should your property be affected by extreme weather events such as a hurricane, we offer storm-cleaning services to remove dangerous debris, fallen tree branches, and additional cleanup as needed. We understand that you have made a healthy investment in your grounds and that allowing debris to remain untouched will serve as a breeding ground for fungus and spores that may result in harm to other healthy vegetation in your yard. That is why we will dispose of hurricane debris promptly and efficiently and leave your grounds looking as if nothing had happened. 

Can your team clean our driveway, parking lot, decks, or patios?

The beauty of your property does not lie only in the plants and green spaces it contains. Having impeccable grounds also includes perfectly clean parking lots, patios, and all outdoor areas. Our professional power washing services will clean your decks, siding, driveway, sidewalk, and any exterior surfaces around your home or building, ridding them of that old, tired look.

Our pressure-washing and removal services also include getting rid of mold, insects, algae, chalk, unsightly weeds, mildew, and more. Leaving those issues unattended will only cause more headaches down the road when damage to wood structures and masonry becomes evident. Not treating these surfaces on time may result in having to repaint the structure and having to deal with hard-to-remove stains.

Miami Groundskeeping Professionals

At Miami Top Cleaning your satisfaction is what we live for and we are ready to help you have your grounds looking as amazing as you know they can. Give us a call today or fill out the online form. You will be surprised by the work done by our groundskeeping team and amazed at the way your grounds look.


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