High Level Dust Removal

Dust Removal

All the dust that accumulates in your home or place of business isn’t going to disappear. Large amounts of dust can be unattractive to clients and harmful to your employees. Dust can also damage machinery and its also a fire hazard.

We have industrial-strength vacuums that can pull over 30 pounds of pressure per inch. We remove all dust from air conditioning ducts, lights, ceiling fans, sprinkler systems, pipes, we will clean everything and anything you need to get your business dust free.

Our crew is trained and professional. We can cover any area large or small. This work is usually done after hours so it will not interfere with your daily operations. No one wants to their clients to look up and see unattractive clumps of dust.

A clean work environment is shown to improve productivity. Miami Top Cleaning will provide you with a safer dust free work place.