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Pressure cleaning

Miami, FL is one of the top cities in the United States for doing business, whether you are a national (or global) brand with satellite offices, stores, or restaurants throughout the country or a local entrepreneur with a few locations (or even just one) in the area. Regardless of your business model, if you operate out of a building or office, it is important to keep the exterior of your business looking clean and attractive. The exterior presentation of your commercial property plays an important role in attracting prospective clients. 

At Miami Top Cleaning, we understand the importance of keeping the exterior of your business looking pristine. Since we began providing pressure washing services, we have removed dirt stains, mold, algae, and other debris from the exteriors of many Miami, FL businesses. Let your building be our next project, and you’ll be amazed when we have your business looking just like new!

Reasons for Pressure Cleaning Your Business

The unfortunate reality is that many business owners undervalue the importance of pressure washing their businesses, believing that they can adequately clean their offices and parking areas themselves. However, there are many reasons to have a pressure cleaning company do routine maintenance. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Miami, FL has a tropical monsoon climate. That means even our driest, coolest months are still fairly warm and wet (above 64 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity on average) when compared to the national average. This year-round warmth and humidity is a perfect breeding ground for mold, fungus, and pests – all of which can create unsightly dirt and stains on your building and even compromise the building’s structural integrity over time.

Safe and Thorough Cleaning

Without the proper equipment and cleaning solutions, you will not be able to remove all of the dirt from a commercial building or property yourself. Even a single-story office or store is difficult to fully clean since you may need to get onto the roof, clean behind drains, around power boxes, or behind appliances such as outdoor HVAC systems. Improperly cleaning around these areas can not only have disappointing results, but can be dangerous for those not properly trained. If you have a multi-level business, you certainly should not be attempting to clean the exterior yourself. The team at Miami Top Cleaning is fully trained to work in and around delicate appliances and electrical equipment and is experienced in cleaning both single and multi-level buildings. 

The Effect of Sea Air on Buildings

As a coastal city, Miami’s proximity to the ocean is one of its major benefits. Sadly, that very proximity is also a major problem for buildings, cars, and other structures. Research has shown that sea breezes deposit corrosive elements such as sea salt onto buildings up to 50 miles away from the shore. Salt can stain your building just like mold, fungus, and dirt and over time damage your structure in microscopic ways. Eventually, years of “minor” corrosion from salt and other elements can build up to create serious structural hazards. If you schedule a commercial cleaning regularly, you can help extend the life of your building through the periodic removal of these corrosive elements.

Pressure Washing Can Increase Marketability 

Pressure cleaning is a cost-effective way to make the exterior of your office, restaurant, bar, or store look fresh and clean. If you’re thinking of selling your building, nothing makes the real estate photos pop like clean walls, doors, parking lots, and sidewalks. Also, a pressure washing service can help rid your eaves of cobwebs, wasp nests, and other signs of pests. Contact our Miami, FL pressure cleaning service and schedule an appointment.

Types of Buildings that Require Pressure Cleaning

Most of the structures and surfaces in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas can be cleaned by pressure washing, but certain types of surfaces that should not be subjected to this particular type of cleaning service. Plastic, most types of wood or glass, some paint, and some types of metal should be avoided. Our pressure cleaning experts can evaluate your building and advise which areas are best suited for pressure cleaning and which areas need an alternative approach.

On the other hand, we do recommend our pressure cleaning services for concrete, brick, block, stucco, and most types of stone. If you have any doubts about a pressure-washing job, call us and describe the material, or make an appointment for us to come out and evaluate your business space. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


What are the typical surfaces you clean when pressure cleaning in Miami?

If you want to keep your business clean, then pressure washing is recommended in order to minimize allergens, remove contaminants, and generally improve the way your property looks. That is why at Miami Top Cleaning Service, we use pressure washing on surfaces like:

  • Decks
  • Siding
  • Sidewalks
  • Roofs
  • Patios
  • Gutters
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots

We use the best equipment and will adjust both the nozzle and the water pressure to deliver the best results for the treated surface. 

Will you let me know if the surface I need to be cleaned can be pressure washed?

Absolutely. And if the surface cannot or should not be pressure washed, we will recommend alternative cleaning methods and give you a quote for that. As an example, some surfaces we do not recommend to be pressure cleaned are:

Asphalt Roof Shingles 

These shingles are coated with granules that give them their distinctive look while protecting your home from the elements. Pressure washing asphalt shingles may strip those granules off the shingles, removing the protective layer, and end up doing more harm than good.

Older Pieces 

Whether you have old furniture, an old deck, or a wall made of old wood, it would be risky to pressure wash it since there may be dry rot present which will cause the item to disintegrate under the pressure of the water.

Laminar Sandstone

Sandstone is a popular building material, especially in coastal areas due to its resistance to the effects of salt water and sea air. It can be used for structures including pool decking, walkways, buildings, outdoor furniture, fountains, and landscaping urns. However, as resilient as sandstone is, it is simply too soft to withstand the force of the water during pressure cleaning and may be damaged by the high pressure necessary for a thorough cleaning. 

Stained Wood 

In this case, pressure cleaning is not recommended since the force of the water will literally remove the stain. Of course, if what you need is precisely to have the stain removed, we will gladly pressure clean your item, and, once it is dry, you would be able to stain it again to your liking.

Because wood absorbs water, great care must be taken when pressure washing any wooden structures or walkways. Outdoor wood surfaces are usually treated with a waterproofing agent and sealed against moisture. Still, too much pressure can strip this protective layer away, exposing your wood surfaces to the elements and possibly damaging the wood during the washing. 

If you have wood surfaces that need deep cleaning but are uncertain if pressure washing is the best option, contact Miami Top Cleaning. We can ask you about the twood type, age, and any staining or weatherproofing treatments that have been applied, then use that information to determine if pressure cleaning your wooden structures is a viable option.

Painted Surfaces 

Some painted surfaces can be pressure washed, but very carefully. Too much pressure will strip the paint off of your building or walkways, leaving unsightly patches of bare concrete, wood, or metal. With a painted surface, our cleaning experts will need to start on the lowest pressure setting and gradually increase the power to determine how much pressure the surface can take before the paint begins to peel away. If you are interested in having a painted surface pressure cleaned, we will gladly stop by to appraise the situation and let you know if it is advisable to pressure wash it or not.

Are Certain Times of the Year Preferred for Pressure Cleaning in Miami?

Our Miami FL pressure washing services are available year-round. However, as a precaution, it is always advisable to check the weather forecast. Fortunately, the South Florida area is not known for its extremely cold winters. However, there are occasional years where some communities experience a bout of near (or below) freezing temperatures. If your commercial property is pressure cleaned, and there is a freeze before the surface has had the opportunity to dry, you risk water freezing between boards or in cracks, expanding, and damaging your property. If you begin seeing articles about iguanas falling out of trees due to low temperatures, you may want to wait on a pressure washing service until the weather warms up again. 

Heavy storms are a more common weather concern than freezing temperatures for South Florida business owners. Miami’s frequent – and heavy – rainfalls can splatter mud and vegetative debris onto your building and leave your walkways and parking lots looking as though the Everglades has decided to reclaim its territory. It can be maddening to spend the time and money to have your commercial property meticulously cleaned, only to have a sudden summer storm deposit dirt and debris less than 24 hours later. If your business needs pressure cleaning in Miami, make sure to check the weather, and when possible, schedule your services for after an expected storm. 

Of course, as anyone in Miami will tell you, predicting when it will rain in South Florida can seem like an exercise in futility, but planning your pressure cleaning services can reduce the number of times that you have to watch your newly cleaned building get immediately rained on. 

Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing?

“Power washing” and “pressure washing” are terms that tend to be used interchangeably since both methods are used to remove dirt from surfaces. However, even though both methods use water under high pressure to clean, they operate differently, and each method has its strengths and weaknesses.

With power washing, the water is heated, which is ideal for tackling particularly tough stains or ground-in grime. Power washing is more expensive but is ideal for commercial use, as it can be used on difficult contaminants like oil, salt, grease, or chewing gum. It also cleans faster and uses less cleaning solution than pressure washing. Additionally, the combination of heat and water pressure kills vegetation that may be growing on cracks in your parking lot or shaded parts of your building. Power washing is best used on surfaces such as concrete or cement.

Pressure washing does not use heated water, is less expensive, and is less harsh than power washing. While pressure washing can still damage some surfaces, it is a more versatile method than power washing, so it can be used on a wider variety of surfaces.   

When is power washing recommended?

Many instances of power washing are related to large areas, parking lots, and commercial establishments, making it an ideal cleaning method for commercial properties. If you are interested in commercial pressure cleaning services, give us a call today, and we can survey the areas you want to be cleaned to determine if power washing is what you need.

What can you clean with your pressure cleaning services?

Our pressure cleaning company has had great success in dealing with a wide variety of issues and stubborn stains. We have experience cleaning:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Moss
  • Graffiti
  • Bird or iguana feces
  • Stuck-on grime
  • Oil stains
  • Weed buildup
  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Chewing gum

Our pressure cleaning services result in a clean surface that destroys all of the above items and prevents their immediate return.

Pressure Washing Company in Miami, FL

At Miami Top Cleaning, your satisfaction is what we live for, and we are ready to help you have your hard surfaces looking as clean as you know they can. Give us a call today or fill out the online form. You will be surprised by the results of our pressure cleaning services and amazed at the way your property looks.