South Miami

If you own or manage a business in South Miami, whether it is an office, a restaurant, a beauty salon, a medical practice, or a car dealership, you want to feel proud every time you step into it. Proud that you are offering your customers and employees a clean environment. Also, you know that a clean business lends itself to more productive employees and happier and more satisfied customers.

Company providing Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

At Miami Top Cleaning in South Miami, we are ready to get your business or commercial space clean and shining from top to bottom. We offer attractive rates, and our services will work around your schedule so that your activities will never have to be interrupted because someone is using a vacuum cleaner while you are making that important call. 

Give us a call today and let us know your needs. We will offer you the perfect cleaning schedule to fit your needs. We can be there daily, weekly, monthly, or any time you need a major cleaning job.

Commercial Cleaning

You always want your employees to work in a clean workplace that has been thoroughly disinfected and smells fresh. Our Miami Top Cleaning crew knows that offices have untold numbers of germs and bacteria on furniture, floors, windows, and high places. Let us help you limit sick days and help your employees be as productive as they can all year long. Call us to get started on a regular cleaning schedule right away.

Janitorial Services

At Miami Top Cleaning, we do much more than simply dusting or mopping a floor. We take pride in always arriving on time, working efficiently, and leaving your premises spotless. We provide eco-friendly cleaning that includes carpet cleaning., window washing, floor stripping and waxing, and restroom disinfection.

Whenever you need our janitorial services, we are ready to start and will craft a personalized cleaning schedule that solves all your cleaning and janitorial needs. We will come at a convenient time and will leave your place clean. And when you need a special job, such as when you have construction debris, when you just finished a remodeling project, or you need to clean your parking lot when it is caked with dirt and grime. If your building or parking area needs pressure cleaning services, call Miami Top Cleaning in South Miami. Rest assured, we will take care of all your cleaning needs quickly, efficiently, and to your complete satisfaction.

Expert Cleaning and Janitorial Services

At Miami Top Cleaning, we are experts at getting your business in South Miami ready to go whenever you open your door. That is why we:

  • Customize our cleaning and commercial janitorial services to fit your business needs, no matter how large or small the space is.
  • Keep your office spaces healthy by preventing cross-contamination, reducing indoor air pollution, and eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria without harsh chemicals.
  • Focus on all details, ensuring all high-traffic areas, restrooms, kitchens, office furniture, and more get the thorough cleaning you need and expect from us.

If you are located in surrounding areas, and you are in need of commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Fort Lauderdale, call Miami Top Cleaning to schedule your deep cleaning service for your office. Call us today, and let’s get started!