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Here are some of the most important things you need to know about day porters:

  • What Are Day Porters?
  • What Exactly do Day Porters Do?
  • What Services do Day Porters Offer?
  • Are There Benefits to Hiring a Day Porter?

Can you recall that feeling when you walk into a restaurant, retail store, or other commercial space and think how tidy, clean, and well-kept it is? How there is no dust covering the surfaces, sticky floors, or any small pieces of dirt or trash anywhere on the ground? That is all thanks to a day porter. An essential part of running a commercial business is having a day porter. So what exactly does a day porter do, and how can it benefit your office building?

Let’s look deeper into the daily responsibilities of day porters and the reasons why this service is pivotal for companies to thrive and function. We will also explore why cleaning and maintenance crews are a necessity to keep the workplace looking, spotless, and clean at all times. 

What Are Day Porters?

A day porter is a hired individual who is tasked with making sure the office building appears clean and presentable to the public and their guests. They help uphold the appearance of the commercial establishment by performing basic cleaning and janitorial services. They may also be referred to as janitors, day matrons or custodians, and they are hired in most commercial settings.

What Exactly Are Their Services?

Within a commercial establishment, day porters provide an invaluable service in the day-to-day business. A day porter offers daily cleaning, general maintenance, and minor repairs of the workplace. Their job responsibilities work hand-in-hand with the relevant activities of the company. 

Essentially, they are responsible for the cleanliness and overall appearance of the business would be the responsibility of the day porter. These responsibilities may include cleaning spills in grocery store or restaurant settings, or preparing conference rooms in an office setting. Day porters are responsible for the general upkeep of bathrooms, common areas, and trash removal. In addition, day porters handle cleaning emergencies and other incidents in the workplace that may hinder daily operations.

General public businesses, such as parks, malls, and food establishments are most likely to hire the services of a day porter to keep up the reputation of cleanliness these areas typically have in order to continue having customers frequent their establishments. Offices and other commercial buildings may also utilize day porters and would typically hire day porters via a separate commercial cleaner.

What Other Services do Day Porters Offer?

A day porter’s job requirements will vary based on the company that hires their services, but in general, they always include janitorial services. A day porter’s responsibilities include tasks that need to be completed efficiently and promptly. Therefore they must be responsible and highly organized. 

Services performed by a day porter may include:

  • Dusting, sweeping, wiping surfaces down, vacuuming, trash removal, mopping up spills, trash removal, and tending to any other cleaning emergencies that may occur. 
  • Maintaining the state of the facility or building, providing support in the front lobby, and arranging conference rooms prior to and following important meetings.
  • Placing wet floor and safety hazard signs, changing light bulbs, completing minor repairs, and removing hazardous materials from the building as needed.
  • Servicing restrooms, cleaning break rooms, disinfecting the kitchen, tidying common areas, and maintaining cleanliness in busy locations
  • On-going, everyday servicing of restroom restocking toilet paper and paper towels during standard business hours.

Each hiring company will have different needs for their particular business and those needs would be discussed at the time of hiring a day porter. 

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Are There Benefits to Hiring a Day Porter?

By hiring a janitorial service, businesses no longer need to worry about the day-to-day cleanliness of their workplace. They can rest assured that the small details are taken care of correctly and efficiently so that they are allowed to focus on other aspects of running their business. Employee morale is increased when working in a clean and tidy environment, where they do not suffer from allergies caused by dust and pollen. By getting dirt and dust out of the building, where messes are cleaned and business can run as needed, a more pleasant work environment is created for the employees. In addition, when minor repairs of the building need to be taken care of, the day porter is on-site to fix those issues immediately.

Day porters are typically hired in one of two ways. Some companies may choose to hire directly through their Human Resources department, and others may choose to hire through an established cleaning company. Many choose to hire from a cleaning company directly for the benefit of the day porter or janitor being fully screened and trained for the many needs that the company may be looking to hire for.

Why Hire Miami Top Cleaning?

When an establishment hires through a cleaning agency such as Miami Top Cleaning, they release the burden of having to process applications and interviews as well as handling the training of the day porter. In addition, the fees of using a cleaning agency to hire a day porter are moderate compared to the fees involved with doing a direct hire.

Some establishments choose to interview and hire a day porter directly as they feel it benefits their company to offer hands-on training of a janitor for the specific needs of their company. In either situation, the use of janitorial services in any establishment is highly beneficial to the day-to-day operation of that business. 

At Miami Top Cleaning, we offer a wide variety of high-quality services to our customers including commercial cleaning and janitorial services within the Miami area. We understand that it is crucial that your employees feel safe and comfortable when our staff visits your building. Regular office janitorial services guarantee this reassurance to your employees, while ensuring deep cleaning and maintenance are provided to your building. Contact our cleaning professionals today to discuss your business needs and how we can help.