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Every type of commercial and industrial business space needs to be maintained and cleaned. Commercial cleaning is what every office, retail store, factory, and warehouse needs. Office cleanliness makes a big first impression, and in industrial settings, it can ensure the safety of your employees.

In short, every business needs commercial cleaning services for a safe, disinfected, and clean environment. When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you can outsource this chore to industry experts who will make sure everything is completely clean.  

Difference Between Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Service

When it comes to commercial cleaning vs a residential cleaning service, there are a few important differences. A residential cleaning company works to clean homes, vacation rentals, and other properties designed for daily living. Residential cleaning will generally involve typical household tasks such as vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and basic disinfecting.

Commercial cleaners clean medical facilities, power plants, and other commercial buildings. These cleaning services are on a much larger scale and are different from the type of cleaning a home would need. If you are a business owner, you should be sure to have a commercial cleaning company rather than a residential cleaning service working to make your commercial space clean.

What Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

Commercial cleaning companies can meet the unique needs of commercial settings in an array of ways. Using a commercial cleaning company can provide your business premises with daily cleaning or even deep cleaning. You will want to hire commercial cleaning services to keep your work environment clean, healthy, and safe.

Here’s a deeper look at what a commercial cleaning service can do for your business.

Office Cleaning

With office cleaning, you can be sure that your employees and clients are not only safe and healthy but also leave a good impression. Most offices have a fair number of employees that move through the same high-traffic areas. Dirt, dust, and contaminants can quickly build up in these areas.

Office cleaning is the best way to keep up with productivity and hygiene in the office. Generally, it will involve dusting, vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash cans, disinfecting shared equipment such as light switches, cleaning restrooms, window cleaning, and break room or kitchen cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning needs to be done regularly to keep dirt, dust, and other contaminants from causing employees and customers to get sick. Commercial cleaning companies will usually use hot water extraction techniques for retail stores and offices to improve air quality and appearance while extending the life of the carpeting.

Hard Floor Care

If you have hard floors in your commercial property, keeping them clean is ideal for safety and prolonging the life of the flooring material. When it comes to vinyl, tile, hardwood, and linoleum, they all must be cleaned differently to maintain a pristine appearance. Commercial cleaning services will use specialized equipment for different cleaning methods depending on the type of flooring.

For example, vinyl and linoleum must be stripped and waxed while tile and concrete need buffing and burnishing. It takes professional cleaning services with trained cleaners to ensure your floors look their best.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning gives commercial spaces a new and refreshed look. It not only lets more natural light in but also allows those glass surfaces to make a brilliant impression. If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while, you’ll see it makes a big difference. Commercial cleaners and industrial cleaning services provide window cleaning through water-fed poles and high-pressure washing to remove pollutants that cause damage to glass over time.

Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathrooms of a business is no small task. Visitors will be left with a good impression if they see the restroom has been properly cleaned and disinfected. Likewise, employees will have a good feeling about coming to work in an environment that is well-cared for.

Bacteria and viruses breed on countertops and in sinks and toilets. With the help of commercial cleaning services, you’ll have a team ensuring that odors are eliminated and that all bathroom supplies such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are replenished.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are integral for commercial cleaning because they provide ongoing care to ensure your business is clean, safe, and healthy. With a team of janitors, you will always have someone performing tasks that keep your premises well-maintained. Janitorial cleaning services generally include restocking supplies, promptly responding to spills, removing trash, floor care, dusting, and wiping. Janitorial services may also provide assistance for daily tasks involving basic maintenance.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing requires the right cleaning equipment. Performed by a commercial cleaner, you can have your exterior building, parking lots, sidewalks, and any outdoor furniture cleaned. By applying pressurized water, it can eliminate dangerous bacteria and mold from your outdoor areas. Using professional commercial cleaning services for this task ensures that the right pressure level and technique are used to avoid causing damage.

What Are the Benefits of Using Commercial Cleaning Services?

When you hire a commercial cleaner to provide daily cleaning services or deep cleaning, you will always know you’re keeping up with a healthy and safe environment. When your business is disinfected, it keeps germs and illnesses from spreading. This will increase productivity as employees will stay in good health.

Clean spaces also help your employees feel less stressed. If clutter abounds, it makes it harder to concentrate. In businesses where you have clients, customers, and other visitors to the premises regularly, it reinforces positive feelings about your business’s reputation if things are clean and orderly. 

Keep in mind that only professional cleaners will have the industry knowledge to handle cleaning industrial facilities, warehouses, and other settings like these. The cleaning supplies and cleaning machinery needed for these tasks differ greatly from those used by residential cleaners.

Hiring a commercial cleaner ensures all cleaning tasks are accomplished. You can additionally have this cleaning service customized to meet your needs. In South Florida, Miami Top Cleaning can provide cleaning services like these to exceed your highest standards whether you have a larger company or a small business. Contact us today for deep cleans, routine cleaning, janitorial services, and any other cleaning tasks you need tailored to your company.